Silk for the Soul

I’m a dreamer. A hopeless romantic. A regular escapee into my own imagination. Dipping my toes into other people’s Worlds; fantasy and reality. 

Photography and film lends itself well to that. An evolutionary, cyclical and eclectic path has led me to the marriage of textiles, philosophy and my ethereal photography style which I present to you on silk. 

I hope it will elevate your senses and give to you as much comfort as it gives to me. 

Janey McGill in black and white wearing silk

What I Stand For


I want to do the best by people. Those I work with, the suppliers I use, and you, my valued customers, without which, this would not exist. 

I have studied supply chains and attempted to source products with the least detriment. However, where their is human consumption there is impact and I can only try to keep my impact to a minimum.

While the raw materials are not available in England, I can make a promise to have them crafted on this green land by local skilled seamstresses and craftsman. 


The community that create my products have generations of experience. They have showed me the processes and given me access to their skills to share with you. 

I like to know how and whys.  How things are made, how long it took to learn their craft, why they do, why one method is better than another. 

My suppliers are happy to share this with me and I am thrilled to be able to share it with you too. 

The Past is more than a Memory

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